Why can't I find patient records in the HCA Patient Portal?

Due to HIPAA and privacy regulations, default search access for Provider Office Staff users is limited to records for patients who have an established relationship in PatientKeeper or Meditech to Providers associated with the users group.

How is a patient relationship established with a Provider?

A relationship is established when the Provider is linked to the patient's electronic medical record as a Provider of Record. Some examples when this occurs are:

  • Patient identifies Group Provider as their Primary Care Provider during registration.
  • Group Provider has ordered tests on the patient & is listed as the Ordering Provider.
  • Group Provider has referred the patient to the facility for various reasons and are listed as the Ordering or Referring Provider on the patient record.
  • Facility Providers have entered a Consult Order for the Group Provider (If a Provider consults or documents on a patient, but no order has been generated, this will not establish a relationship).

Emergency Department Referrals: As a result of these restrictions, Office Staff do not typically have access to patients who have visited the Emergency Department and are referred to the office for follow-up. This is due to the Group Provider having not seen them in the facility and therefore, no Consult Order for the Group Provider exists on the patient record. The recommendation for these patients is to contact Medical Records to fulfill the request or have the Provider pull the records (if they have system access).

In some cases, offices may request that different users have different search options to help with accessing these patients in the portal.

If you are unable to find patients in the patient portal and want to discuss the search options available, contact the Service Desk at (888) 252-3397.

What do I do if I am unable to access patient records in the HCA Patient Portal?

If you need records for a patient without an established Provider Relationship, please follow the guidelines below.

  • For the hospitals listed below ONLY, contact the facility Medical Records department at the numbers shown.
  • For all other HCA South Atlantic facilities, submit a manual request for Medical Records
    • Requests should be faxed to 855-668-0697 and must be on an office fax cover sheet or letterhead with the information below listed:
      • Patient Name
      • DOB
      • Date of Visit
      • Facility Name
      • Specific Documentation / Reports being requested
    • Please include “STAT” for all urgent requests. Minimum turnaround time on STAT requests is same day, while regular requests are 5-7 days business days
    • For questions, please call (866) 616-5721