Providers can electronically review, sign and decline Meditech telephone, verbal and midlevel/co-signature orders in the PatientKeeper Inbox, accessible via desktop and PatientKeeper for Apple iOS!


  • Sign orders on-the-fly directly from within PatientKeeper mobile or the Inbox tab on Desktop. No need to have to sign in to Meditech!
  • Seamlessly sign or decline orders and allows for quick bulk signing of all outstanding items.


How to sign orders on PatientKeeper desktop

  1. In PatientKeeper, click on the Inbox tab
  2. Click “Orders” or on the left hand side
  3. Click the check box(s) to select and review orders
  4. Click Sign or Decline

How to sign orders on PatientKeeper Mobile (iOS iPhone/iPad ONLY)

  1. Open PatientKeeper mobile and tab on Pending > Inbox
  2. Tap Orders
  3. Tap check box(s) to select & review orders
  4. Tap Sign or Decline

Notice: The following deficiencies cannot be signed via PatientKeeper Inbox - HPF Deficiencies, 3M360 Coding Queries, Meditech pDOC notes & Incomplete Orders with missing data.

Install PatientKeeper


  • For additional assistance, contact the Service Desk at 888-252-3397.