The iMobile v19.3 application update is now available for download from the HCA App Catalog.

iMobile v19.3 does not include any major design changes, but there are several feature enhancements including: Offline User Alerts, Favorite & Browse Dynamic Roles, Browse Patients, Custom Tagging and fix for users who would get hung at the Syncing Contacts screen when logging in.


  • Most users will need to manually download and install the update from the HCA App Catalog or Airwatch Container.
  • Users who have not currently upgraded will continue to be able to login to iMobile for a short period of time. However, it is highly recommended to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid interruption of service.
  • The HCA version of iMobile is NOT available in the Apple App Store!

Upgrade Instructions

  • Note: Some personal device users may have already been prompted to automatically install the update before Monday, February 17th. If you received a message asking to install MH-CURE, tap Confirm or Install to complete the install
  • Android Users & APPLE USERS WITH HCA EMAIL ON THEIR DEVICE (PSG, Residents, Medical Directors):
    • If you are still receiving the prompt to install MH-CURE, tap Confirm to install.
    • If you have not received the prompt, open the HCA App Catalog from your device and tap MH-CURE to install.
  • All Other Users:
    • Open Airwatch Container or the HCA App Catalog.
    • In Airwatch Container, tap MH-CURE to be redirected to the HCA App Catalog.
    • In the HCA App Catalog, find and verify MH-CURE v19.3 is displayed and tap Install/Upgrade (you may have to tap Install multiple times).
      • If prompted to open iTunes, choose Open.
    • The new MH-CURE upgrade should download and install to your phone.
      • If the install seems to be stuck at Processing, exit to the home screen by tapping the Home button or swiping up. The MH-CURE app icon will show that it is installing the new update.
    • You should then be able to login with your ¾ ID and password.
    • If you do not have either one of these applications or cannot access Airwatch Container, visit the iMobile page for instructions on how to enroll or call the Service Desk at (888) 252-3397.
    • Click here for a printable copy of the upgrade instructions as well as install instructions for iMobile.

Need Assistance?

Please call our Service Desk at (888) 252-3424 for assistance with updating or any other questions or concerns.