On Thursday, October 15th, the iMobile v19.3.10 patch update will be released for Apple iOS device users.

This is a bug fix release only and do not include any major design or functionality changes. There is no downtime associated with this release.


  • Update by Wednesday, November 18th to avoid service interruptions!
  • Personal Devices still using Airwatch Container are required to convert to the HCA Custom App Store before Wednesday, November 18th to ensure uninterrupted access.
  • The HCA version of iMobile is NOT available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

Action Needed:

Check Your Version

  • Open the MH-CURE At the Login screen, the version number listed at the bottom should begin with 19.3.10 for all Apple iOS Users.
  • If 3.10 is shown, no further steps are necessary.
  • If another version is shown, follow the steps below based on your device setup or contact the Service Desk at 888-252-3397 to request assistance.

HCA Owned Devices or Personal Devices with HCA Email Access (ex. PSG Providers, Residents, Medical Directors):

  • The app should automatically download to your device.
  • If you receive a prompt to update MH-CURE, tap Update to install.
  • Please allow 5 days for the update to arrive.
  • If you do not receive the prompt for the update, open the HCA App Catalog app from your device and tap MH-CURE to install.
  • If you do not have the HCA App Catalog, visit the iMobile page for instructions on how to enroll or call the Service Desk at 888-252-3397 to request assistance.

Personal Device Users Enrolled in the HCA Custom App Store:

Personal Device Users Still Using Airwatch Container:

  • Convert to the HCA Custom App Store immediately to receive this patch and avoid service interruptions. To do so, you will need to do the following:
    • Uninstall the current MH-CURE app from your device.
    • Open Airwatch Container, tap the Gear icon in the top right then tap Unenroll to unenroll from Airwatch Container. (Once you have unenrolled, you can delete Airwatch Container from your device.)
    • Enroll in the HCA Custom App Store & download the new version of MH-CURE.
      • Visit https://appstore.hcahealthcare.cloud from a browser on your device.
      • Login with your HCA ¾ ID and password.
        • (If prompted, complete the Multi-factor authentication enrollment. Once enrolled, enter the 4-digit security code that was delivered to your device.)
      • Once logged in, find MH-CURE SOD and tap Install
      • Enter your AppleID password. Once entered, the app will begin installing to your device. Tap Done to close and exit to your home screen.
      • Open MH-CURE and tap Login. You will be prompted to redirect – tap Yes. A site will open where you can login with your HCA ¾ ID and password and then be redirected back to the app.


Need Assistance?

  • Please call our Service Desk at (888) 252-3397 for assistance with converting to the HCA Custom App Store or questions or concerns about this update.