The iMobile v20.4 application update will be available Tuesday, July 13th after 5am! There will be a one (1) hour iMobile downtime on Tuesday, July 13th at 1am to prepare for this upgrade.

iMobile v20.4 does not include any major design changes but there are improvements to Custom Status Messages, Multi-Unit Assignments and New Lab Indicators. We are also excited to offer Caller-ID Privacy for Personal iOS Device Users!


  • All users who have not upgraded to the latest version will continue to be able to login and use iMobile. However, users should ensure v20.4 is installed before Friday, August 27th to avoid interruption of service.
  • The HCA version of iMobile is NOT available in the public Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

Upgrade Instructions:

    • If you receive the prompt to install MH-CURE, tap Confirm to install. It may take a couple of days to receive the prompt as the servers replicate out to devices.
    • If you have not received the prompt after a couple of days, open the HCA App Catalog app from your device and tap MH-CURE to install.
    • If you do not have the HCA App Catalog, visit the iMobile page for instructions on how to enroll or call the Service Desk at (888) 252-3397 to request assistance.
  • ALL OTHER USERS (Personal iOS Apple Users – NOT FOR ANDROID):
    • The app should automatically download to your device according to auto-update settings. Please allow 2-3 days for the update to arrive.
    • If you do not receive the update, manually download it.
      • Open the Apple App Store
      • Tap the User Profile icon in the top right corner
      • Tap Purchased
      • Find MH-CURE SOD in the list and tap to download

New Features:

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