South Atlantic Physician Services is excited to announce that on Wednesday, April 13th, an upgrade for our Health Information Exchange (HIE) SmartAgent Viewer software will be available at our Meditech facilities in Jacksonville, South Carolina and Dublin and Augusta, Georgia.

Devices will now have the option to launch Meditech with HIE to access this upgraded HIE Agent with your Meditech session.

What is HIE Viewer?

HIE Viewer is an application that hovers above your Meditech session, allowing access to patient information from other HCA facilities and outpatient practices outside of your facility.

How do I Access HIE Viewer?

No extra steps are necessary – the HIE Viewer should launch automatically when you access Meditech! You’ll know it’s there because the HIE Viewer bar will be visible above the Meditech program.

If you do not see the HIE Viewer bar, find the Meditech with HIE icon on your desktop or SSO Launchpad and click to launch HIE with your session.

Navigating HIE Viewer

When opening a patient, click on the black bar to expand HIE Viewer and view records for other facilities

Below are short educational videos that will walk you through using the new version HIE Viewer.

Why does this look familiar?

This is an upgrade to the HIE SmartAgent software, shown below.


For questions or assistance, contact our Service Desk at (888) 252-3397 or reach out to your PSS.