ePrescribe enables Providers to send electronic prescriptions and perform real-time formulary checking, pharmacy lookups and medication history calls through a direct integration with DrFirst. ePrescribe is accessed directly from within MEDITECH during patient discharge and even allows for electronic prescribing of controlled substances.


  • Key component to combat medication diversion and opioid abuse
  • Provides a better and more convenient workflow for patients and providers
  • Send prescriptions electronically when away from the facility (while signed into MEDITECH via remote access)

Passphrase Resets

  • Important: HCA & PSS Teams are unable to reset DrFirst ePrescribe passwords.
  • Passphrase Reset Options
    • Preferred Method: Visit the DrFirst EPCS Gold website to perform a password reset on the web.
      • Detailed instructions can be found here
      • An active token will be needed for this process.
      • Providers who have a South Atlantic SSO toolbar can quickly access this site by clicking on the eRX PW Reset button from SSO.
    • Call DrFirst support directly at (888) 263-6512

Token Support

  • Did You Get a New Phone?
    • If you use the mobile app to generate a code for ePrescribe and recently got a new phone, you will be unable to ePrescribe until you register the new device with your DrFirst account.
      • Visit the DrFirst EPCS Gold website to register a new device.
      • IMPORTANT: You must have another active ePrescribe token that can generate the secure six-digit code to register a new device.
        • If you do not have a second token, you will need to meet with your facility PSS to redo your ePrescribe enrollment. Please contact our Service Desk at (888) 252-3397 to submit a ticket and request assistance.