Beginning November 4th, 2019, providers will begin using Computer Assisted Coding (3M 360) instead of HPF Deficiencies to answer and complete missing information queries.

What is Computer Assisted Coding (CAC)?

  • CAC assists coding, but does not automate it.
  • CAC improves coding quality and increases coding efficiency.
  • The queries remain the same but the query completion process and steps to complete them is different.

What Changes?

  • In Meditech: A pop-up notification will appear when logged into the Provider Desktop notifying the Provider they have Clarification Requests. The Provider can click on this pop-up to review and complete requests.
  • In PatientKeeper: A 360MD tab will appear in the tabs at the top of the program. If there is a number in parentheses, the Provider has Clarification Requests to complete and can click on the tab to review and complete their requests.

Important Information

  • Providers will be required to use this method to answer all missing information queries after November 4th, 2019 and will no longer use HPF queries.
  • All outstanding HPF queries issued prior to November 4th, 2019 will need to be completed in HPF (PatientKeeper > Incomplete tab).
  • All other signature and missing text deficiencies will remain in HPF.
  • We ask all Providers to please close out all HPF Queries as quickly as possible in order to facilitate the closure of the HPF query process as quickly as possible!
  • Memorial Satilla Health (Waycross, GA) and Memorial Savannah (Savannah, GA) are not included in this process at the moment.

Job Aids

Need Assistance?

  • Contact your local facility Medical Records Department
  • Call our Service Desk at (888) 252-3397